Saturday, March 1, 2008

My trip to the coast

I have made several trips to the Oregon coastline to document the tide pools found near Newport. During my trips I have found a real need for the right type of outdoor wear. I typically travel to the coast during the late winter and early spring when the storms are just coming onshore. My last trip was a few weeks ago and I had an unfortunate accident, my digital camera got broken. The knob that you turn to select the mode snapped off. I really didn't mind that much since the camera was over 8 years old and was only 1.5 mega pixels. It now gives me a chance to up grade to a better camera.

I will be returning to the coast in the next few weeks. This time I will be documenting the different variations of starfish found in the tide pools. The data and resulting report will be part of a learning presentation that I will be doing at a local school. Along with the presentation the children will see an except of the movie "Jaws" and another person will be answering questions about sharks.

Now I am off to find some office supplies at Office Depot, Staples or Quill because I need some items for the presentation.

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