Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sea Lions to be murdered

The Feds have OK'd a plan to kill up to 85 Sea Lions in the Columbia River bordering Washington and Oregon. The fishermen have been hounding the government for years to do this. The Feds it looks like have given in to the special interests yet again. What ever happened to the Marine Mammal Protection Act? Just last year a fisherman in California was charged with violating the Act when he stabbed a Sea Lion with a knife when the Sea Lion took some bait.

The Sea Lion hunts to eat and live where as humans fish for sport. The fish in question is not salmon but the steelhead that is making it's annual run at this time. Just last week a co-worker boasted to me about how he caught 5 steelhead that morning out on his drift boat. He didn't need to fish for food, the man makes 3 times what I earn and could shop at the grocery store for his dinner. He fished for the "sport" of it. Not only did he catch the fish but in his actions he did not allow them to breed first. Now who is the real cause of the declining steelhead population? Certainly not the Sea Lion.

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