Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Treating my injuries

I am going to have to postpone my trip to the ocean for at least another 2 weeks. I was hoping to go whale watching since early spring is the best time on the west coast of the USA. I had a slight accident and hyper extended my leg. Oddly enough my doctor suggested water therapy but since my pool is not heated to the point of comfortable this time of year I guess that is out. Instead I have been going to physical therapy and I was prescribed an TENS machine. It attaches to my inner thigh and with electrodes, stimulates the muscles. It has an interesting, tingling feeling. The therapist also said some people use the machine to tighten muscles as a way to lose weight. The accident also gave me a wake up call that I need to be in better shape to do some diving later this season. When I was at the doctor I was worried about my general physical health and he said at everything else was good and that I didn't need a blood pressure monitor for now.

I guess it gives me more time to spend on this blog now.

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